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Blood, Ink, & Inspiration

Blood, Ink, and Inspiration
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A writing journal containing fanfic, original fiction, maybe poetry, and anything else between.
Welcome to the writing journal of jelynne!

The entries contained herein specialize in flights of fancy, idle plotting, and occasional outright insanity. While jelynne does indulge in writing fan-fiction, this is by no means solely a fanworks journal. Actually, right now it has slightly more original work in it than fan-writing.

WIPs are member-locked (currently only one WIP has been posted), finished works aren't. Inspiration being what it is, and since Muses are often fickle beings, no regularity of updates can be guaranteed.

(*cough* Membership to this community is moderated, and only jelynne has posting access. However, feel free to friend and comment as you see fit.)